About BLGI


At the core of any data science company is the need to optimize a client's assets, whether that asset is financial trading data or sensitive health care information. As technology across all asset driven industries is moving toward blockchain and A.I infrastructures, many organizations are rushing to adapt and integrate to these new technologies.

At BLGI, we help to remove the guesswork from data-driven asset optimization. We deliver high-impact strategies that extend our clients' assets' lives, reduce life-cycle costs, and ensure the availability of their asset. Doing so aids our clients in embracing these new emerging technologies, and empowers them to compete in an ever-changing digital landscape.

What We Do

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At BLGI, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions that utilize our Blockchain and A.i expertise to expand their businesses within an ever-changing virtual environment. We provide technical consultation for our clients to develop a plan of action that incorporates BLGI's licensed and regulated technologies within their systems. Through the integration of these emerging technologies, we provide our clients with an edge over their competitors and empower them to succeed.

BLGI's Core Focus

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Within the sphere of Data Technology, BLGI focuses on three core types of technology: Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. By using these technologies, we can tailor bespoke solutions to our client's needs. Solutions can range from crypto-currency trading platforms to music publishing.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


BLGI uses Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (A.i), a cutting-edge technology that is reconfiguring industries, professions, and the fundamental ways we live. Everything from autonomous vehicles to consumer electronics, A.i is becoming ingrained within the business world and represents profound changes across all industries.

Early adopters are demonstrating high-impact outcomes in various fields, including Asset Management, High-Frequency trading, algorithmic trading, media distribution, and Healthcare Platforms.

​We help our clients Identify areas within their businesses where practical applications of A.i can be integrated. These applications can consist of multiple A.i, open-source components and optimizing specialized deep learning hardware. BLGI helps our clients to rethink everyday functional processes with an A.i mindset and then deploy real-time A.i decisions at scale.


Blockchain Consultation


At BLGI, we develop and maintain Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related products, as well as providing long-term assistance and advice on related technological and operational matters. We encompass a spectrum of blockchain technologies in one company. BLGI does this by forming our teams with a range of professionals who operate in multiple disciplines. We also actively develop financial trading frameworks and web services running on top of the blockchain, while creating beautiful and intuitive UI/UX.

​BLGI offers advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of our clients' businesses' profiles'. We will assess the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss all possibilities of optimization.

​Once we have identified the possibilities for Blockchain integration within your company, we deploy our scalable programming, distributed applications, and custom-built protocols. From start to finish, we strive to provide the best technical support possible throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your company's pre-existing network.

To ensure our client's long-term success and understanding of Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing, we offer in-house and external training and teaching seminars, workshops, and talks, as well as instructive materials on the Blockchain technology. We Provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate Blockchain ecosystem and all its facets.


Cloud Computing

BLGI's experienced team can help any company achieve its cloud computing needs. Whether an organization is migrating to the cloud, has a hybrid infrastructure, or is already fully committed. We deliver a robust cloud architecture that unifies analytics, data lakes, and data warehousing.

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How We Work

BLGI accelerates the value of our clients' data over time by leveraging our experience with some of the most complex data problems in the world. Our infrastructure is scalable and delivers our clients the data needed to drive results and advance their company's value.

We do this by first consulting with our clients to assess their specific needs and then design a bespoke strategy that will allow them to excel technologically within their industry.

The BLGI business consulting team consists of industry executives, analytic practitioners, and data scientists. The BLGI team is ready to deploy our tools & technology to design the right strategy needed to identify our client's highest value use cases, develop innovative analytics solutions, and architect and build the required analytic ecosystem. These resources, both commercial and open-source, include Data Science, SQL, SAS, R, Python, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.



Technology Consultation

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Strategy Design

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Solution Development






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