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Lawrence P. Cummins

Chairman, President & CEO

Lawrence is the Chairman and CEO of BLGI Inc. The company is a data science company focusing on developing solutions across various industries and institutions and developing cutting-edge technology utilizing machine learning, cloud computing, and Blockchain integration.


Lawrence is the founder of CMBC Consulting Group which he set up in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. He has consulted with government agencies, large corporations, and specialized groups on global development and consulting projects.


Lawrence's background and experience is in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Blockchain integration., Including big data analytics and predictive analysis. Lawrence has over 30 years' experience as a software engineer and software architect working on Computer-Aided Engineering product development and applications. Including expertise in Numerical Methods, Neural Networks, and blockchain application development. He is designing and developing Trading Platforms and Exchanges for asset Management for Stock Markets, Forex, and Cryptocurrency.

Much of Lawrence’s recent work has been in Fintech, developing asset Management, forex, and Cryptocurrency applications for the Internet of Economies. We are using machine learning and Blockchain to protect the security of data and financial transactions.

Lawrence was also the founder and Managing Director of Knowledge Works Limited, a UK and European distributor for Working Model. Working Modal is an engineering dynamics simulation software platform used in engineering and education. Building knowledge-based Newtonian Physics modeling for real-world applications using CAD Systems and Standalone applications.

Successfully raising venture capital to build sales and distribution channels for Europe and the Middle East, Knowledge Works was acquired by MSC Software located in Santa Ana, CA. MSC Software is a leading Software engineering company in the aerospace, automotive, and defense industries

Before Knowledge works, Lawrence worked in the CAD/CAM and CAE industry in Boston, Chicago, and California. He worked for Prime Computervision, PTC, Structural Dynamic Research Corporation, Schlumberger, and Ashlar Inc.

After MSC Software, Lawrence started CMBC focusing on Venture Capital, Mergers, and Acquisitions for technology companies located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, Toronto, and London. moving the companies focus on technology, consulting, and product development around Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and machine learning applications