Letter to Shareholders, BLGI July 2021

BLGI July 2021 


Letter to Shareholders


One year has passed since the re-birth of our company as BLGI. We are proud to have spent the last 12 months developing a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) tools and platforms for launch to financial institutions worldwide.


Having invested significantly in centralized systems, financial institutions have been attempting to defend their positions and many have expressed a reluctance to accept change and in particular with respect to cryptocurrencies. However, in excess of $50bn has migrated to DeFi platforms in just the last two years (source This development, plus the solutions that blockchain systems can offer to security and compliance matters, is opening up a huge market away from the early adopter retail sector that have embraced crypto.


Decentralized distributed networks that integrate into the blockchain are forging a path to becoming an industry standard as the world awakens to the vulnerability of centralized platforms with tech-crime and system outages rising. Traditional fin-tech platforms are becoming progressively slower as they are encumbered with ever more layers of systems connectivity. New opportunities are arising for financial institutions to adopt next-generation platforms and offer lower cost, faster, secure asset management services with accessibility to the widest range of markets including all cryptocurrencies. The next level of data science will also be applied to DeFi platforms which will create even more market efficiency.


Add to this, that all manner of industries around the world is becoming ever more aware of the risks and costs of keeping data secure, we can see a vast market for platforms and services developing in the near future. We are already in conversations to deliver healthcare data science solutions to capture drug trial information on decentralized networks.


Fin-tech sector clients are already demanding new solutions and BLGI’s data science tools are ready to meet compliance, confidentiality, and security requirements as well as providing combined DeFi trading and information platforms with unique features. Experienced asset traders are looking for the best transaction speeds, easy conversion of FIAT to Cryptocurrencies, lower fees, integrated social media, and data sources …. These are all key drivers of DeFi and BLGI has the solutions for large scale institutions.


We are unable to discuss the clients that we are working closely with however we are proud to be announcing our own proprietary platform. In July BLGI Inc "Ki Market Watch" will release its groundbreaking new modular platform from BETA to open market access via its network connection to circa 30m users. The prime audience for the platform is already captured via the paid licenses held by the company. We expect the use of our platform to grow quickly as users discover its efficiency speed and capabilities.


Thank you for your interest and please follow further updates on our website


Yours sincerely