Media Publishing Platform

Music Roo is a global music distribution platform. We empower artists by giving them the ability to publish, distribute, and manage their music. We distributing to all major sales and streaming services while retaining 100% ownership.

What the music platform offers

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Take advantage and impact fans and followers on a global scale by utilizing the most recognized music service platforms available.



 The technology works for you by offering a variety of tailored options to suit even the most engaged artist. By empowering you, we help you grow.


Creates and promotes tailored, unique artist platforms, which become the hives of activity for purchasing, streaming, and promoting the artist’s music.



Analyze shares, downloads, streams, and sales. Identify your best demographics, and tailor your creativity to suit visible trends and patterns. Analytical tools empower you with the information you need to give you the edge within the music industry.



Underpinned by some of the latest technology innovations using a decentralized peer to peer distribution system. Integration into social media analytic tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, allowing you to control the distribution from your platform to your audience, giving you a global reach. 

 Distributes media content to the following stores and streaming services:

These stores cover the vast majority of music purchases. We feel that adding a lot of smaller online stores only adds complication, without adding any significant number of additional buyers.