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Technology Consulting 

Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain, Cloud Computing.


In an ever-evolving technology landscape, data science that utilizes machine learning and Blockchain is the future of the Economies of Things (EoT), and soon to be an industry standard. Many public and private businesses have already started using Blockchain technologies, and as a result, they are emerging at the top of their industries. BLGI provides services that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve our clients' business efficiency and provide them with a rich experience within the emerging world of The Internet of Things (IoT). 



Blockchain Solutions -


BLGI is a data science company with a core focus on consulting with our clients to find and develop Blockchain solutions that suit their needs. We design bespoke solutions that can be integrated on the Blockchain and are tailored to our clients' industries, including but not limited to: asset management banking, cryptocurrency, Forex, media publishing, and healthcare data management.

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Data Sciences -


As a data science company, BLGI consults with private and public companies to determine the optimal way to incorporate emerging data sciences within their cloud-based information networks. In short, we achieve this by using big and small data technologies within the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is all about collecting and securing data within cloud-based technologies. By integrating our client's systems with the IoT, we enhance their cloud-based collection and analysis of data, and adding the highest level of security to prevent the occurrence of data breaches. 

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Healthcare -


BLGI can apply data science, machine learning, and Blockchain to health care data systems. As a result, we help clients within the healthcare industry to protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches. It is a secure and reliable method of recording, storing, and sharing sensitive data. In addition to securing data, the incorporation of Blockchain technology within the healthcare industry creates opportunities for digital health economies using A.i, Machine Learning, and IoT.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges -


BLGI has designed a digital asset exchange for rapid deployment, low-cost operation, extreme scalability, high performance, and extensive white-label customizations. This solution allows exchange operators, brokers, fund managers, Cryptocurrency issuers, retail traders, and professional traders to develop profitable revenue streams quickly, access unlimited liquidity, and trade multiple currencies from a single platform.

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Machine Learning - 


At BLGI, we use Machine Learning solutions to help companies integrate technologies that best suit their respective industry goals. From private banking to media publishing, incorporating machine learning will improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. BLGI's experience with machine learning gives our clients a competitive financial advantage within their industries. 




Within financial services, all companies need to verify the identity of their clients and avoid any potentially fraudulent activity. With the emergence of cryptocurrency and trading on crypto markets, it is more important than ever to verify financial clients' identity and intent. KYC/KYB/AM are the processes used by financial institutions to verify financial clients' identities and assess their credibility and risk potential. BLGI provides end to end solutions that equip due diligence teams with the ability to efficiently perform the necessary KYC (Know Your Client) and help our clients protect their businesses from any risks.


Artificial Intelligence -


A.i is quickly becoming a standard technology across all major industries, from assisting customers to automating digital business processes. BLGI utilizes A.i to foster a wide range of cutting-edge opportunities that improve our clients' daily work life and transform their businesses' efficiency. BLGI will consult with companies and build an A.i network that will help cut costs, increase efficiency, generate revenue, increase productivity, and reduce human error.


The Economy of Things -


The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to turn the physical assets around us into participants in real-time global digital markets, indexed and traded as an online stock, CFD’s, currencies, Cryptocurrency, futures, option, indices and commodity. The widespread availability of personal computers and mobile phones have brought liquidity to the markets in the form of information for anything that could be bought or sold entirely online, including music, movies, news, stocks, bonds.
IoT is poised to bring the same real-time information and liquid marketplaces by enabling searching, managing, and monetizing assets in the physical world. The IoT will turn physical assets into participants in real-time global digital markets.

BLGI's core services can be applied across many industries including, but not limited, to:

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